5 Benefits of Ceramic Pro’s New Ion Coating

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If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and protection of your vehicle, you should consider investing in Ceramic Pro’s new Ion coating. This new coating offers a range of benefits that are sure to appeal to car owners and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the biggest benefits of this innovative new coating!

What is Ion Coating?

Ceramic Pro’s new Ion coating is a revolutionary form of nano-ceramic, which is applied to the surface of your vehicle. It creates a barrier that protects against scratches, oxidation, and UV rays while also creating an extreme shine on all surfaces it is applied. This level of protection from everyday wear and tear has been previously unavailable until now.

Ceramic Coating vs Ion Coating

Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating is an improvement compared to traditional ceramic coatings. The difference between them is that it provides superior protection in terms of durability, hydrophobicity, UV resistance, and gloss retention. Its high-performance level ensures that your vehicle stays looking new for years to come! Hard coatings like Ion Coating are typically much harder than traditional waxes and sealants, providing longer-lasting protection.


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Five Benefits of Ion Coating

There are advantages to using Ceramic Pro’s new Ion coating that extend beyond just aesthetics. Let’s take a look at five of the most significant benefits this innovative product offers:

#1: Long-Lasting Shine and Protection

The nano-ceramic particles in Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating create an ultra-durable yet flexible layer that is resistant to scratches, oxidation, UV rays, and other everyday wear and tear. This allows your vehicle to stay looking fresh for years with minimal maintenance required.

#2: Hydrophobic Effects

The hydrophobic effect of Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating ensures that water and dirt are quickly repelled from your vehicle. This not only keeps it looking cleaner for longer but also makes cleaning easier when you do get around to it. The environment-friendly water-repellent properties also mean fewer pollutants entering our waterways when it rains.

#3: High Gloss Finish

Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating creates a vibrant, high-gloss finish that is sure to turn heads. This finish also helps to reflect UV rays, providing additional protection and keeping your vehicle’s interior cooler on hot days.

#4: Chemical Resistant

The nano-ceramic particles in Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating make it resistant to most solvents and chemicals, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s finish deteriorating due to exposure to these substances.

#5: Cost Efficient

Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating is more cost-efficient than traditional ceramic coatings, as it lasts longer and requires fewer applications overall. This can save you both time and money in the long run!

Now that you’ve read the benefits, it makes you realize that its high-performance level combined with its cost efficiency makes Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating the perfect choice for anyone looking to give their vehicle a superior shine and protection.


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The Installation Process

Ceramic Pro ION installation involves two steps. The application of Ceramic Pro ION Base is the first step. This initial coating layer binds to automotive paint permanently. ION Top Coat is then applied to the base when it has dried.

At this stage, the Top Coat replaces the smaller IONs in the Base Coat with bigger IONs, minimizing the empty space between molecules and enhancing the chemical binding to the car paint. In comparison to the conventional stack of separate layers, it also produces a substantially thicker, tougher, deeper, and denser layer.

Ion Coating Packages

This premium-grade ceramic coating is exclusively sold and installed by Ceramic Pro’s network of Elite Dealers. They offer two ION installation packages which are the Ultimate ION package and just the ION package. These packages offer different levels of protection and durability for your vehicle. 

You can request a free quote from the Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers to get started on your ION installation. The technicians will inspect your car and assess what package may be most suitable for you. They also provide an array of add-on services, such as interior protection, custom detailing, and paint correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which coating is best for my vehicle?

Ceramic Pro’s Ion coating is one of the best coatings available for cars, as it offers superior protection and a high-gloss finish.

#2. Is protective coating on a car worth it?

Yes, protective coating on cars is definitely worth it. Not only does it provide protection from environmental elements such as UV rays and dirt, but it also makes your vehicle look more vibrant and attractive.

#3. Can ceramic coating mess up your car?

No, the ceramic coating will not damage your car. In fact, it is designed to protect the paint from any environmental elements that may cause damage. Visit us today for more details!



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